Wolves Belong And Writing Wrongs


Late one afternoon on a back road in Idaho, coming back from town;

A movement in the distance caught my eye, so I decided to slow down.

There was something in the distance, I could see the glow of yellow eyes;

Solemn and knowing, waiting, oh how these eyes shined!?

But, as my headlights held his steady gaze, I could not yet make out its kind.

He appeared to be as large as a St. Bernard!

And remained 10 feet away, as he watched me with a strange regard!

Then, he began to move slowly in a crouch low to the ground;

Soon, the animal pounces effortlessly upon a rock, remarkably without a sound.

Suddenly! He jumps effortlessly from his perch on the rock;

At this unsuspected action, my heart begins to knock!

He lands on my car’s hood, then through my windshield peers in on me;

I was mesmerized by his grandeur and gentleness, so it seemed.

I should back my car up and leave this place;

But the creature calls my attention, by way of his steady gaze!

I was drawn to his solemn stare, I felt him saying he is incredibly lonely;

I want to reach out, but afraid to leave my car, not just me alone, only!

“What do I do now”, I said to myself;

When this wolf appeared before me, with such stellar and stealth!

I knew he possessed the strength to kill me, yet strangely, I felt only peace;

But just as calmness seemed to take me, the wolf took his leave!

The Wolf remained by my car, so I opened my window just enough, and I began to speak;

Hopefully to soothe our fears, and bring us both some calm relief.

I softly called to him “sweet one” and heartily I smiled;

He whined softly, then moved closer to my car’s side.

He then leaned in with his body, and turned his face to mine;

He howled then with longing, or so I did decide!

I wanted to remove our barrier, and reach out to touch his head;

But fear kept me inside my walls, so I spoke to him instead!

The beautiful beast stayed where he was, his glistening gaze followed;

I felt such pain in my heart, wondering why his eyes held such sorrow!

But alas, I knew I could not stay, and I began to back away;

However, the wolf seemed to plead with me, begging me to stay.

They say the wolf is mystical, and yes, I would agree;

For my encounter with this iconic predator, only brought me peace.

Now, a tear slips slowly down my face as I remembered his;

And the indelible mark upon my heart, inscribed when my eyes met his!



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