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THE ENCOUNTER! There is something in the distance, I can see the glow of yellow eyes; Solemn and knowing, waiting, oh how his eyes did shine! As my headlights hold his steady gaze, though I cannot yet make out its kind. He begins to move slowly in a crouch low to the ground; Soon, it […]

The following is an article from good friend and Speak For Wolves Organizer and promoter. He is well versed and quite knowledgeable in wildlife and wilderness ecosystems and habitat biodiversity. If you care about the sustainability of our forests then please read! Brett Haverstick: The future of the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests, Idaho OPINION Brett […]

Being a perfectionist makes poetry writing a never ending story! It isn’t that it has to be perfect, so I can receive some kind of glory. It is something inside of me that can’t leave well enough alone; Second guessing every word, to find it’s meaningful home! I know I’ve always been this way, questioning […]