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THE ENCOUNTER! There is something in the distance, I can see the glow of yellow eyes; Solemn and knowing, waiting, oh how his eyes did shine! As my headlights hold his steady gaze, though I cannot yet make out its kind. He begins to move slowly in a crouch low to the ground; Soon, it […]

Being a perfectionist makes poetry writing a never ending story! It isn’t that it has to be perfect, so I can receive some kind of glory. It is something inside of me that can’t leave well enough alone; Second guessing every word, to find it’s meaningful home! I know I’ve always been this way, questioning […]

LOOK INSIDE! Take a real good look inside, And what do you see? Because it all depends on your objectivity! The criterion for viewing is to keep an open mind; Leave all your preconceived notions well behind. Can you peer into it’s depths, and know it’s sanctioned core? Appearances of the outside, can they be […]

MY SWORD OF PASSION     Sometimes when words are locked in my mind, And my weapon, the pen finds the paper unlined; In a fight for life, I must follow the light, Letting the passion of my sword to take flight. To right natures wrongs, to ensure blurred lines are redrawn, I use my […]

Welcome to WRITING WRONGS ONE WOLF AT A TIME. Hello and welcome to Writing Wrongs One Wolf At A Time! My name is Karen LaFountain, and I would like to introduce a new website “Writing Wrongs One Wolf At A Time – a webpage and blog to showcase my poems and short stories, under the […]