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It was the night. A time when nature turns down it’s volume, and peace lingers on cooled and windswept vistas. It was a time when the wolf could take stock of his days endeavors, and of his family’s role played out in perfect unison. The days hunt was successful and all the young pups lay […]

THE ENCOUNTER! There is something in the distance, I can see the glow of yellow eyes; Solemn and knowing, waiting, oh how his eyes did shine! As my headlights hold his steady gaze, though I cannot yet make out its kind. He begins to move slowly in a crouch low to the ground; Soon, it […]

The following is an article from good friend and Speak For Wolves Organizer and promoter. He is well versed and quite knowledgeable in wildlife and wilderness ecosystems and habitat biodiversity. If you care about the sustainability of our forests then please read! Brett Haverstick: The future of the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests, Idaho OPINION Brett […]

LOOK INSIDE! Take a real good look inside, And what do you see? Because it all depends on your objectivity! The criterion for viewing is to keep an open mind; Leave all your preconceived notions well behind. Can you peer into it’s depths, and know it’s sanctioned core? Appearances of the outside, can they be […]

From deep in the bottom of his sleeping bag, in a recessed niche of the Snake River gorge in Idaho, on a cold late fall night, a hunter, warmed by a cozy campfire, slowly melts off to a well earned deep sleep. The long futile day of hunting, still unable to bag his trophy elk, lends […]