Why do you hate me, what did I do wrong?

I just need to know, answer this before I’m gone!

I want to live, just the same as you;

Why can’t you understand? How can I get through?

Is it my fur of which you desire?

Am I just another trophy for you to admire?

Or does it go much deeper, are you sick with selfish pride?

Do you see yourself as knowledge, believing all of your own lies?

You trapped and poisoned me, and gun us down in droves;

You consider me vermin, not deserving of a home.

You remain steadfast, killing without remorse;

You left us in your killing fields, blood running from our pores!

The world is surely big enough, for us both to coexist;

Must you destroy all of it, rule only by your mighty fist?

When your means comes to its end, and all the wolves are gone;

When our howls in the night, Are but a forgotten song;

Will you find peace within your wilderness now sick with disease?

Or will you to try to convince the world you were right-to help put your conscience at ease?