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I once encountered three wolves standing on a hill;

Remembering back now, I can see them still.

They seemed to be intensively studying me;

They followed me with their eyes as I prepared to leave.

They were looking for signs of my motion to advance;

I did not feel alarmed, I just held my stance.

What must be racing through their hearts and minds;

Remembering a day when the hunter followed close behind.

It’s sad they have to be so afraid;

But the image of death is slow to fade.

So many of them have given their lives;

Only so man can boast of their death with pride.

I tell you curious ones, there’s no need to hide;

For you I would lay down my very own life.

So watch me from a far, while you are safe up on your hill;

There’s peace in my heart, I love you and I always will.