Welcome to Wolves Belong And Writing Wrongs!

My name is Karen LaFountain, and I would like to introduce an environmentally friendly new website to showcase my poems and short stories, under the label “Wolves Belong And Writing Wrongs With My Pen”.

My goal is to present my craft in a way to help enlighten my readers of the need to understand why wildlife species bio-diversity is so very important.

I hope to educate the public through my writings, teachings, and activism’ about how wolves, as well as other wildlife predators, are positive contributor’s to our wilderness areas. Only through positive management of the gray wolf, will their proliferation continue to benefit a healthy and diversified wilderness ecosystem.

Thank you for visiting.

Karen LaFountain

Email: kwolf2@gmail.com

The stories, poetry, and articles herein are written by Karen LaFountain and offered for your reading pleasure and contemplation.


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