Will things ever change for me?

Will there be time to wait and see!

My life on earth is constantly spent,

Running from the killers man has sent!

The fire in my heart burns to be free;

To roam wherever life leads me.

There seems to be no place for me to go where I can be safe;

No matter where I run, the hunter waits to seal my fate!

There once was a time when man did not seek my den;

My pups and my family all lived safe then.

But now with man’s greed and insatiable need;

He wants to take my life, just to watch me bleed!

Without my kind your hunting grounds will soon be dead;

The cattle you covet will starve in the baron wasteland instead!

The bounty of your prey, will soon be gone too!

Disease will claim their lives, and still man won’t have a clue!

Earth is a living thing, the circle of life must renew.

The flora and fauna can’t replenish itself, as if on cue!

Man has stripped us of our remedy to heal wounds with care;

He does not ever stop to think why the great father put us there.

My goal cries in the night for man to come to his senses;

And learn to let us live in peace, free from his pretenses!