My Sword Of Passion




Sometimes when words are locked in my mind,

And my weapon, the pen finds the paper unlined;

In a fight for life, I must follow the light,

Letting the passion of my sword to take flight.

To right natures wrongs, to ensure blurred lines are redrawn,

I use my pen as a pawn,

For the promise of tomorrows wolf songs.

Then I release the passion that is bottled inside,

Giving strength and devotion to lengthen my stride!

But on occaision a beast circles overhead!

This fire breathing dragon is what I most dread!

The foul acrid air of burnt words and more,

Threaten to bar creativity’s door.

Will I duel with the dragon, and fight fire with fire?

Or will my armor burn, leaving my wings entrenched in quagmire!

It will depend on the dragon’s defense,

I know I must not show fear or relent!

My sword of passion and it’s devotion to wildlife will take care of the rest;

There is so little sence in mans vast expanse!

His actions are unreasonable, greed has placed him in a trance.

To much is at risk to leave the future of wolves and habitat to happenstance.

So I must take up the sword as I have done all my life,

Knowing truth and honor cannot be denied!

Wish me luck!



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