From safely perched behind my face, partitioned by the screen;

How can I think myself “enlightened” when there was so much I failed to see!

Naive was I to try and save you with just an advocates’ dream.

In my fight to save our fragile connection, I underestimated the enemy.

Choosing to believe the clever lies, the screen would tell my heart.

I did not see the truth so steeply implanted, we were doomed right from from the start!

Now, the memory of how you looked at me, as the light of hope left your eyes,

Comes crashing through my screened partition, and forever haunts my days and nights!



Welcome to Wolves Belong and Writing Wrongs (With My Pen!) My name is Karen LaFountain, throughout my life I have been a writer of poetry and stories. My craft has always been a form of catharsis for my love of and angst of the natural world, its environment, and the social ills that so greatly affect the precarious balance between. So, I would like to introduce, Wolves Belong And Writing Wrongs. A website designed to educate the public of the peril to the our environment and the biodiversity of the inhabitants, like the grey wolf, and all wildlife that man's unethical acts, or deeds impact so significantly. My ultimate desire is to educate and advise the public through my writings, teachings, and activism' about the importance of our wilderness ecosystem and how wolves are a positive contributor necessary to maintain species biodiversity. It is my hope that my words may cause a more compassionate outlook and hopefullyenlighten the public to help bring an end the tragic consequences of putting financial profitability first and the natural balance of our wilderness ecosystem last by those that manage these invaluable assets. I believe that the gray wolf, (canis lupus), is an iconic and prolific cornerstone apex predator, that has a very positive impact on our ecosystem. Wolves, Grizzly Bears, other top predators are far more easily sacrificed to satisfy special interest groups with little thought to the severe negative impact to species proliferation or ecosystem health. . All submissions under the subcatagory "Wolves Belong And Writing Wrongs" are written, copywrited and the sole property of Karen LaFountain. Thank you for visiting, I hope you take something positive with you when you leave! Karen LaFountain for WOLVES BELONG and WRITING WRONGS! Email me at: or