Hello and welcome to Writing Wrongs One Wolf At A Time!

My name is Karen LaFountain, and I would like to introduce a new website “Writing Wrongs One Wolf At A Time – a webpage and blog to showcase my poems and short stories, under the domain name,  Wolves Belong and Writing Wrongs .

Using my craft as a writer, I will endeavor to bring awareness and understanding to the numerous activities currently underway by our state and national government and bring awareness to their ultimate goal of abolishing the Endangered Species Act, and to manipulate public opinion through propaganda with the ultimate goal of killing off the Gray wolf as a species entirely.

I would very much like to enlighten and hopefully change the minds of all who read my posts, promoting greater insight and tolerance of wolves, wildlife and wilderness.

Through my posted poems and short stories, Writing Wrongs And Wolves Belong,
It is my plan to educate the public and alert them to the peril of the grey wolf, wildlife and our wilderness environment or ecosystem.

I believe that the grey wolf, (canis lupus), is an iconic and prolific cornerstone apex predator, that has a very positive impact on our ecosystem.

It is my goal then to present my craft and ultimately educate the public through my writings, teachings, and activism’ about how wolves, as well as other wildlife predators, are positive contribtutors to our wilderness areas.

Only through positive management of the gray wolf, will their proliferation continue to benefit a healthy and diversified wilderness ecosystem.

All submissions under this catagory “Writing Wrongs and Wolves Belong” are written, copywrited and the sole property of Karen LaFountain.


The stories, poetry, and articles herein are written by Karen LaFountain and offered for your reading pleasure and contemplation.

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