A true story!



Late one afternoon on a back road in Idaho, coming back from town;

A movement in the distance caught my eye, so I decided to slow down.

There was something in the distance, I could see the glow of yellow eyes;

Solemn and knowing, waiting, oh how these eyes shined!?

But, as my headlights held his steady gaze, I could not yet make out its kind.

He appeared to be as large as a St. Bernard!

And remained 10 feet away, as he watched me with a strange regard!

Then, he began to move slowly in a crouch low to the ground;

Soon, the animal pounces effortlessly upon a rock, remarkably without a sound.

Suddenly! He jumps effortlessly from his perch on the rock;

At this unsuspected action, my heart begins to knock!

He lands on my car’s hood, then through my windshield peers in on me;

I was mesmerized by his grandeur and gentleness, so it seemed.

I should back my car up and leave this place;

But the creature calls my attention, by way of his steady gaze!

I was drawn to his solemn stare, I felt him saying he is incredibly lonely;

I want to reach out, but afraid to leave my car, not just me alone, only!

“What do I do now”, I said to myself;

When this wolf appeared before me, with such stellar and stealth!

I knew he possessed the strength to kill me, yet strangely, I felt only peace;

But just as calmness seemed to take me, the wolf took his leave!

The Wolf remained by my car, so I opened my window just enough, and I began to speak;

Hopefully to soothe our fears, and bring us both some calm relief.

I softly called to him “sweet one” and heartily I smiled;

He whined softly, then moved closer to my car’s side.

He then leaned in with his body, and turned his face to mine;

He howled then with longing, or so I did decide!

I wanted to remove our barrier, and reach out to touch his head;

But fear kept me inside my walls, so I spoke to him instead!

The beautiful beast stayed where he was, his glistening gaze followed;

I felt such pain in my heart, wondering why his eyes held such sorrow!

But alas, I knew I could not stay, and I began to back away;

However, the wolf seemed to plead with me, begging me to stay.

They say the wolf is mystical, and yes, I would agree;

For my encounter with this iconic predator, only brought me peace.

Now, a tear slips slowly down my face as I remembered his;

And the indelible mark upon my heart, inscribed when my eyes met his!





Will things ever change for me?
Will there be time to wait and see!

My life on earth is constantly spent,
Running from the killers man has sent!

The fire in my heart burns to be free,
To roam wherever life leads me.

There seems to be no place for me to go where I can be safe,
No matter where I run,
the hunter waits to seal my fate!

There once was a time when man did not seek my den,
My pups and my family all lived safe then;

But now with man’s greed and unsatiable need,
He wants to take my life, just to watch me bleed!

Without my kind your hunting grounds will soon be dead,
The cattle you covet will starve in the baron wasteland instead!

The bounty of your prey, will soon be gone too!
Disease will claim their lives, and still man won’t have a clue!

Earth is a living thing, the circle of life must renew.
The flora and fauna can’t replenish itself, as if on cue!

Man has stripped us of our remedy to heal wounds with care,
He does not ever stop to think why the great father put us there.

My goal cries in the night for man to come to his senses,
And learn to let us live in peace, free from his unethical pretenses!


Welcome to Wolves Belong Wildlife And Conservation Advocacy My name is Karen LaFountain, throughout my life I have been a writer of poetry and stories. My craft has always been a form of catharsis for my love of and angst of the natural world, its environment, and the social ills that so greatly affect the precarious balance between. So, I would like to introduce, Wolves Belong And Writing Wrongs. A website designed to educate the public of the peril to the our environment and the biodiversity of the inhabitants, like the grey wolf, and all wildlife that man's unethical acts, or deeds impact so significantly. My ultimate desire is to educate and advise the public through my writings, teachings, and activism' about the importance of our wilderness ecosystem and how wolves are a positive contributor necessary to maintain species biodiversity. It is my hope that my words may cause a more compassionate outlook and hopefullyenlighten the public to help bring an end the tragic consequences of putting financial profitability first and the natural balance of our wilderness ecosystem last by those that manage these invaluable assets. I believe that the gray wolf, (canis lupus), is an iconic and prolific cornerstone apex predator, that has a very positive impact on our ecosystem. Wolves, Grizzly Bears, other top predators are far more easily sacrificed to satisfy special interest groups with little thought to the severe negative impact to species proliferation or ecosystem health. . All submissions under the subcatagory "Wolves Belong And Writing Wrongs" are written, copywrited and the sole property of Karen LaFountain. Thank you for visiting, I hope you take something positive with you when you leave! Karen LaFountain for WOLVES BELONG and WRITING WRONGS! Email me at: or